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Precision Livestock Farming Hub

The Precision Livestock Hub was launched as part of the Precision Livestock Farming Technologies Evaluation in Africa initiative. This initiative is designed to bolster the adoption of innovative technologies in livestock farming to heighten productivity. By integrating smart sensors and advanced monitoring systems into both small-scale dairy operations and pastoralist farms, it provide essential real-time data that supports optimal decision-making processes. These tools are especially targeted at enhancing the management of smallholder and commercial farms across Tanzania and crucial for transitioning traditional farming methods into more efficient, sustainable, and economically viable operations. Join us at the Precision Livestock Hub as we forge a path toward a more thriving and sustainable future in livestock farming. Here, the rich traditions of agriculture seamlessly integrate with modern technological innovations to yield exceptional outcomes.

What does the Hub Offer

Services We’re offering

Tools Installation

The installation of sensor tools in

Training Services

At PLF Hub, we are dedicated

Farm Assesment

We leverage the power of advanced


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Why You Choose Us.

Why using smart technology

Feeds Management

Measure animal feed intake and patterns ensuring animals get the nutritional balance they need without waste.

Track animal movement and behavior

It can track animal movement and behavior, providing insights into their well-being.

Animal Health Monitoring

It provide continuous, real-time monitoring of each animal's health status, allowing for early detection of illnesses or unusual behaviors

Reducing Environmental Impact:

Ensure efficient resource management and can detect green gas emission

We’re Selling Healthy Products

Revolutionize your farm with Cutting-Edge smart tools.

Who can Adopt

Dairy Farmers

Boosting productivity, improving herd health management.


Optimizing resource use, enhancing animal welfare


Enhancing mobility, securing sustainable grazing practices.

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